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What are the types of Higher Education Institutions in USA?


Can you explain to us the different types of universities in the USA — This is a frequent question that hits our inbox. Very very often. Unlike India, there are multiple sectors of educational institutions that teach a varied course to enhance your academic excellence.

While we have written an earlier blog about Bachelors Degree in USA after 12th Std. in India — In this blog, we are going to talk about the different types of higher education institutions in the USA.

With all this in hand, it is no surprise that the USA continues to be the hottest destination for Indians to go abroad and study. The stats have exponentially been on a rise, like always.

What are the types of university in USA?

There is no doubt that America is a nation with everything and has so much to bring to the front desk than just remarkable education — From a cheerful culture to welcome students from across the globe and an amazing homely feel. Ah, you name it and it’s already there. 

  • Public Universities
  • Private Universities
  • Ivy League Universities
  • Liberal Arts Colleges
  • Community Colleges

Let’s take a look at a simple classification of higher education institutions in the USA.

🏛️ Public Universities

Likewise in India on how certain colleges are affiliated to the Government, similarly, Public Universities in the USA fall under that context. They are a group of public universities which are run by the public taxes paid by the people of the nation. Some universities are part of the state governments. Some aren’t.

Although they are operated in different states, the management, by-laws, administrative charges, and decorum are more or less similar to how it is in other universities. 

Coming to the fee structure for International Students — it is a bit higher for International Students, but usually not more than what they seek in the private institutions.

These are the top Public Universities in USA:

  • Portland State University
  • Cleveland State University
  • Louisiana State University
  • University of Illinois Chicago
  • University of Kansas
  • University of Massachusetts Boston
  • University of South Carolina
  • The University of Utah

Read here to know why we call them the best!

🏛️ Private Universities

Unlike public universities, these are not directly run by the Government and come under private terms. To put it in simple words — these are similar to the colleges and universities with private affiliation in India.

Private universities in the USA don’t receive funding from the Government. Instead, they run their colleges with tuition and academic fees, grants, and more. With experienced faculty filled with decades of experiences and enriching campuses filled with students from across the globe, Private universities remain popular in the USA for the kind of education they offer to students to secure their names.

And you’d have heard at least a few of these names — Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University, Stanford University, and more — All these are Private Universities in the USA.

These are the top Private Universities in USA:


🏛️ Community Colleges

According to the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), a whopping 46 percent (and that’s almost half) of all undergrads in the USA are enrolled in community colleges.

The best thing about community colleges is they are one of the most preferred choices for international students owing to various factors like affordability, fee structure, academic scope, feasibility, and more.

Also, they host an incredibly diverse student population and play a huge role in ensuring every seeker of education in the USA is given a space to study what they wish for.

And that’s not it… students studying in Community Colleges can also work part time to earn money for sustaining their living. And after a few years, they can move on on their own and pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Community Colleges offer an Associate Degree. Simply referred to as AD, using which graduates can complete their Bachelor’s Degree from some other university across anywhere in the USA.

While education in community colleges is on par with other institutions — when it comes to options such as accommodation, student activities, and more — they are usually not that vibrant. But hey, the times are changing. And we hope community colleges too are equipped with the best.

Looking for college options? Here you go.

🏛️ Liberal Arts Colleges

If you are a student who is keen to explore your efficiency in studying sciences, humanities, social sciences, and more — these should be your go-to colleges (universities) in the USA.

Liberal arts education intertwines you with multiple areas of focus. It teaches you a wider bandwidth of subject areas. And they emphasize more on training the students to gain a brighter, broader, and bigger vision in whatever career field that you want to choose.

Well, students with multiple skills including leadership and strategic thinking are brownie points indeed for companies to shortlist you.

If Liberal Arts Colleges are in your mind, these are some you’d want to explore owing to the various features they boast:

Check out about Liberal Arts Colleges in detail. 

🏛️ Ivy League Universities

They are a cluster of eight universities formed with an intent to deliver absolute top-notch teaching in terms of undergrad education in liberal arts. And as time progressed, they have also associated other esteemed and professional schools under them.

Due to the proficiency of the universities included, there is always a tight-neck competition of who gets the seat. And it is not usually easy to get enrolled into these. But if you’ve got a never-ending passion and zeal, the barriers can be broken.

Harvard University, Cornell University, Yale University, Brown University, Pennsylvania University, Dartmouth University, Columbia University, and Princeton University are the group of universities.

Choosing the best university in USA

Better and clear about the types of higher education institutions in the USA? If you’ve still got some more doubts, hit us with an email. We’d always be happy to help passionate students like you.

The moment you’ve decided to study in the USA, you’ve also put two more amazing perks in your pockets — access to technological innovation and learning from one of the best nations in the world.

Besides, some of the best higher education institutions in the world are housed here making it an even more diligent choice to fly over. With a profound quality of life and learning, what more does one seek when they want to settle down in a delightful way?

And not to mention the fantastic career opportunities available to students who’ve graduated from higher education institutions in the USA.

Well, we’ve listed out all the most-sought after universities in USA. Take some time off and research what each university has got to offer and where it aligns with your ambitions.

🔥🎓 The most acclaimed universities in USA [Check out]

If you need any details about scholarships, legalities, fee structure, or need complete handling until you find a seat in higher education institutions in the USA, contact us. Thousands of students have sought our advice and have been successfully enrolled in top universities across the USA.

Want to be one? Let’s discuss your dreams 😍☎️


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