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Our Team

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pragjna palla

Pragjna Palla

Pragjna Palla is a highly accomplished and visionary leader who serves as the President of University HUB INC, an international recruitment and software provider company. With a wealth of experience in the field of information technology, Pragjna has been instrumental in the growth and success of University HUB INC since its establishment in 2021.

Pragjna completed her undergraduate degree in Computer Science Engineering and subsequently pursued a Masters of Science in System Securities. Currently, she is in the process of completing her PhD in Information Technology. With her extensive academic background and technical expertise, Pragjna has been a driving force in the development of University HUB INC’s recruitment and software solutions.

University HUB INC has a long and rich history of helping international students, and has recruited over 85,000+ students to date. This success is largely due to Pragjna’s leadership and her commitment to providing high-quality services to clients. Under her guidance, University HUB INC has grown significantly, currently boasting a net worth of 250+ million USD and is rapidly expanding its reach.

In addition to recruitment services, University HUB INC also provides job placement services, financial services for universities, and other support services. The company’s proprietary CRM is widely used by various universities and over 800+ recruitment agents all over the world, making University HUB INC a leader in the industry.

Pragjna is a respected figure in the field of information technology and recruitment, and her leadership at University HUB INC has been recognized both nationally and internationally. She is also a passionate advocate for women entrepreneurship, and recently launched a program to extend her support to women who wish to do independent contract business with University HUB INC.

Through this program, women entrepreneurs can connect with University HUB INC and access the company’s resources, network, and expertise to grow their businesses. Pragjna is committed to helping these women succeed and sees this initiative as a way to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in the business world.

Pragjna’s dedication to supporting women entrepreneurs is a testament to her leadership and her commitment to making a positive impact on society. It is through her efforts that more women are being given the opportunity to pursue their dreams and become successful entrepreneurs in their own right.

Chief U.S. Consultant

Dr. H. Keith Spears, Ed.D.

Dr. H. Keith Spears has four decades in higher education, serving in both public and private universities.  His experience covers the array of positions from professor to upper administration, including president and chancellor. His focus on institutional international collaborations and student recruitment began in the 1980’s when he received one of few highly sought-after visas to the Republic of China. His expertise in international education has resulted in speaking engagements across four continents.  He has been a leader in the development of specialized graduate business and technical programs, attracting tens of thousands of international student enrollments. Currently, Dr. Spears has higher education projects underway in Asia, Africa, The Caribbean, and North America in U. S. and Canada.

Dr. Spears and his wife, Rita, a retired university adult student advisor, have a family immersed in higher education.  Their two sons, Dr. Eric K. Spears and The Honorable Jason M. Spears teach in international higher education.

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