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Your Personal On-Demand Lawyer

66% of people in the US experienced legal problems in the last two years and 50% of them were not able to access help as per the 2019 World Justice Report for the US. While demand for legal services continues to be high in the United States and across the world, accessing a lawyer continues to be difficult and time-consuming.

InstaLaw’s mission is to enable consumers to access the right lawyer anytime, anywhere. Our first service is to enable on-demand 30-minute virtual consultation with immigration and intellectual property lawyers – we have chosen these practice areas to help many immigrant families, who are dealing with uncertainty in these unprecedented times.

Why Choose Instalaw

Expert Legal Support for Students by InstaLaw

access to highly experienced lawyers

You can’t afford to be wrong. Let our handpicked lawyers help you get it right. InstaLaw provides you immediate access to highly experienced lawyers (average experience is 15+ years).

On-demand virtual consultation

Connect to lawyers virtually at your convenience from your living room in under 10 minutes.

Transparent & Affordable pricing

You only pay for the legal help you need. Pay pre-negotiated prices.


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