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Women Entrepreneurship Program

Women Entrepreneurship Program

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University HUB (UHUB) and Aura Educational Consulting (AURA) have joined forces to launch a new Women Entrepreneurship Program which offers current and future female entrepreneurs the chance to work flexibly, earn by helping students and professionals study overseas, and build their own business in the process.

Following a successful soft launch and trial earlier this year, working with half a dozen highly motivated women from a range of backgrounds across India, the Women Entrepreneurship Program is now looking to recruit 50 to 60 more female entrepreneurs over the next twelve months.

Established and successful international educational services provider UHUB is looking for highly motivated women who are able to work on their own initiative – with active support from UHUB, AURA and their partners – to connect students and professionals with study opportunities at universities in the US, UK and Canada.

Women selected to participate as partners in the Program receive all the training they need to succeed as study abroad counsellors, access to UHUB’s digital portal, and its partner universities. For every student successfully placed with an overseas university, Program partners receive payment at a very attractive rate.

UHUB’s President Mrs Pragjna Palla explains: “It’s up to individual entrepreneurs how much time they devote to the Program. But the potential rewards are very attractive. All it takes to start generating revenue from providing a valued service to aspiring overseas students is a phone, laptop, an internet connection, good communication skills, and the motivation to build a profitable and rewarding business.”

UHUB’s CEO Mr Pawan Srivastava adds: “This is a fantastic opportunity for ambitious women who want to develop their entrepreneurial potential in the education space and build a business with the full support of a successful and well connected-business with many years’ experience in this dynamic and rapidly expanding sector.”

Mr Deepak Tyagi of AURA was instrumental in developing the Women Entrepreneurship Program and plays a key role in the ongoing management of the Program, identifying and on-boarding suitable candidates and providing those selected as partners with training and support. Mr Tyagi comments: “Women Entrepreneurship Program partners receive all the support they need, including training on the educational institutions and courses available and what it takes to secure a place to study overseas – as well as contact data on potential customers. They get as much handholding as they feel they need to develop into highly effective professional study abroad counsellors.”

Among the women already selected as Program partners are individuals with backgrounds in business, education and the armed forces. Based in cities across India, from Chandigarh to Mangalore, they each bring different skills and experience. The one thing they all have in common is a passion for working with people to develop their life opportunities.

If you would like to apply to become a partner in the Women Entrepreneurship Program, please contact UHUB-AURA to find out how you could develop your career and build a business in the fast-growing overseas education sector.

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