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Student Life in The USA


Getting into the USA vibes already?

If you are someone who feels butterflies in your tummy every time you think about landing, being, and studying in the USA – We feel you. And we are one of you thinking about life as an international student in the USA.

The land where magic beholds in life, career, and everything more. As we still figure out why Indians are obsessed over the country so much — let someone else figure out the calculations.

Well known for history, Hollywood, the music blitz, dozens of historic monuments, and spectacular places, the United States is one of the greatest cultural, political, and economic powers in the world. 

Going by the statistics, among adults over 18, college students make up a whopping 10.4% of the population with 14.8 million students enrolled full-time to complete their dream graduation.

Wondering what we are going to do or how life as an international student in the USA will be? Explain to you how awesome it’s going to be – the student life in the USA for Indian students.

Life of Indian Students in the USA

Ready to check out the experience that beholds? Here are the points we are going to shed some light upon. However, if you still have doubts hovering across your mind, feel free to message us, anytime.

  1. Campus Life
  2. Social Life in USA
  3. Accommodation
  4. Daily Life
  5. Cultural Diversity
  6. Joy of Traveling
  7. Weather
  8. Foodie Feels
  9. Independent Living

A multi-faceted nation bursting with culture and joy, the United States of America for sure is a destination of choice.

“You don’t find your passion, your passion has already found you — you just need to look inward to discover it.” ~ Paul Scott

The student life in the USA for Indian students will make them feel like they have traveled back to a different time, way back in the past. Dust off your coziest shoes and get ready to start exploring places that will make you go wow!

🎓 Campus Life

The campuses are always bustling with activity and never a dull moment. You can learn and get along with so much apart from just education. Learn a skill that you always wanted, play a sport that you always wished, or pick up a hobby that you always dreamt about. 

🥳 Social Life in the USA

If you are someone who likes to meet new people, your stay is going to be a delightful treat. The social life in the US gives you the perfect opportunity to meet friends from your class, as well as other countries. Meet people from across the world and earn buddies for life. Friendship goals, right?


🏠 Accommodation

Universities with accommodation on campus are still the most preferred choice for students traveling from India to study in the USA. However, if you don’t get a room in the college hostel or dorm – no need to worry – there are plenty of housing options that you can choose from nearby your university or college.

Having a tough time finding a stay? We’ll help you.

📅 Daily Life

In a few words: It is not going to be monotonous! The best thing about staying in a new place (or the USA) is the surprises that the places and people shower on us every day. The people you meet, the conversations you have, the perspectives you choose will change your outlook on life.

😍 Cultural Differences

Wouldn’t the world be a boring place if all are born the same way doing the same things each and every day? The beauty lies in accepting and understanding people from different nations and walks of life. Studying in the USA gives you the option to meet people from across the globe.

✈️ Traveling

Are you someone who loves traveling, exploring new places, lazing by a beach, or trekking mighty mountains? The best thing to do on a weekend is to pack your bags and explore the neighborhood. All those pretty places you saw on Instagram, go see them live now and feel the awe-factor.


⛄ Weather

Phew, what do we have to say about the weather in India? But whereas the climate in the USA from the time you set your foot will bowl you away. With the chilled breeze, pleasant winds, cold days, and colder nights make sure to carry from clothes to keep you warm on such days 😉

🍕 Food and Cuisine

Similar to India, every city in the USA has food based on its culture. And every delicacy is indeed lip-smacking. For instance, Chicago is famous for its deep-spicy pizzas and Philadelphia for its Philly cheesesteak. Wherever you are put on, the food cravings are sure going to stay for long. 

🔥 Independent Living

Every day, we wake up to be a better version of what we were yesterday. By living independently, doing chores, studying, managing expenses and taking care of yourself, chances are high that you’ll become a person who is self-reliant and brimming with confidence, ready to take up any challenge that life throws on you.

Make enough time each day to do something other than type and scroll when you are in the US. Talk to others. Read a book (a print copy). Go outside. Build or craft something. Cook. Do anything that requires you to experience a range of sensations being in a place away from home.

It’s staying connected with others in your vicinity that keeps you aware of how things feel, not just how they look. It’s staying connected that will help you understand how the people live and how the lifestyle of this county works. It’s staying connected you will get a sense of belonging with the place and a purpose of oneness with its people.


Have no doubts on how to survive in the USA as an international student. From the time you land in the USA until the very last day you are departing from here, make sure to have fun each and every day. And at the same time, ensure your career is also set right so you can always be gleeful, irrespective of the place you are in.

But wait, have you got dreams, yet puzzled on how to fulfill your American dream? Or how is life in the USA for an Indian? Or your dream of graduating in the USA? Message us. We’ll take you through the process – from identifying the right universities and explaining what it takes to stay in the USA – let’s get it done. Ready?

A little background about us: We are pioneers in guiding and assisting students who are interested in pursuing their education abroad. Since 2010, we have been instrumental in enrolling over 75,000 students at various US Universities.

You are just a call and a few steps away from deriving your dreams!


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