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Our Partner Universities In The U.S. [Part2]


Search for the best 10 universities in the world. You’ll indeed find most of them to be from the US. That’s no surprise! Moreover, it’s one of the firm reasons why the US is among the hot destinations for international education or study abroad. We totally understand your choice 🙂 Now, let us guide your dreams in the cleverest direction possible. 

Note: Many countries are providing world-class education globally. It is in any case not to be understood that the US is the only country giving exceptional education. That’s not the context of this article.  

Congrats, you have just crossed one rocky path to your perfect study abroad journey. Plus, you just got started with another one. You have yet to decide on the university. Yes, it might look like plenty of good options served on the table, but which is the one for you? 

The university or college you pick now can have a massive impact on the rest of your tomorrow. You want to chase the best one for yourself. This is why we are here to escort you to all our top 10 universities virtually. And fill your empty hands with good to great options without much burnout. 

This virtual tour will take you through all the important information required to make a solid decision. 

1. University of West Los Angeles

Background and Foundation: 

The beauty of this university lies in its mission statement. They support a wide range of education enthusiasts who work full time to fulfill their financial commitments and study part-time to keep up with their dreams. The university was established in 1966. They are apparently operating as a private university. 


The general location of the university is Inglewood, California. Also, the university has two active locations. The main campus is located at 9800 S. La Cienega Blvd., 12th Floor Inglewood, CA 90301. 

The 2nd campus location is in San Fernando Valley Campus, 19900 Plummer St. Chatsworth, CA. 91311

When do the intakes happen?

The university intakes students 6 times a year, starting from January and continuing in March, June, August, October, and December. 

Term duration and finances

The duration of one term can last for around 9 weeks which also includes 1 weekend intensive on-campus per term. 

Now coming to the most important aspect of finances is the average tuition fee in the University of West Los Angeles is $18000. 

The accommodation and food can charge a student up to $10000 approximately. 

And finally, the application may cost you anywhere around $50

Acceptance Rate of the university: 

As yet, it’s 100%, which is staggeringly high. Get in touch with your counselor or visit here for a much more detailed view of the details. 

2. Concordia University of Chicago

Background and Foundation: 

It’s a pretty historic university with more than 150 successful years under its belt. The Concordia University of Chicago was instituted in the year 1864. And to date, 6000+ students from around the world are enrolled in the university. 

The university is functioning as a private body offering 100+ programs to students of different countries. One prime quality of this university is that around 90% of their students are employed Or enrolled in graduate programs within 6 months of graduation. 


The university is located in the River Forest of Illinois. You can copy this address to your Google map – 7400 Augusta St. River Forest, IL 60305. 

When do the intakes happen?

Here at the Concordia University of Chicago, the intake occurs 3 times a year in Spring, Summer, and Fall. And the average class size is anywhere around 17. 

Programs Offered: 

Here we mention some of the popular or demanding programs for international students: 

  • Computer Science (Master of Science) 
  • Health Care Management Specialization (MBA Program) 
  • Leadership And Change Management Specialization (MBA  Program) 
  • Computer Science (Bachelor Of Science)
  • Mathematics-Computer Science Specialization (Bachelor Of Science)  

Tuition fee and excepted expenses: 

Firstly the tuition for an undergraduate would cost approximately $32,660. And to a graduate, it would start anywhere from $520/Credit. 

The basic housing can fetch from $5,850 – $6,424. The charges for the books and supplies can be around $1,200. 

A few other mandatory fees would cost one $976, and personal will price $1,400-$1,700. 

Some popular programs for International Students: 

  • Master of Science – Computer Science 
  • MBA – Health Care Management Specialization, Leadership and Change Management Specialization click here for more info on the same.  

Acceptance rate and Graduation rate: 

The graduation rate is 77%, whereas the graduation rate is 48% which is decent. 


3. Faulkner University: 

Background and Foundation: 

First things first, the university is famous for encouraging its students to do more social services. They believe that college time is the time one can actually inculcate many good things and education. 

And so its students are expected to do at least 40 hours of service every year, that’s a total of 160 hours till the end of one’s graduation. Faulkner University is a private body actively offering education since 1942. Today they offer 80+ programs, 60+ on-campus, and 23 online majors to students all over the world. 

There is a student body for 35+ countries in the university. If any extra help is needed in any issue, you can seek help from there. 


The university is specifically placed in Montgomery, Alabama.5345 Atlanta Highway

Montgomery, AL 36109.

When do the intakes happen?

You can see the intakes happening 6 times a year at Faulkner University: Jan / Mar / May / June / Aug / Oct. 

Financial Aid: 

96% of the time, the local and international students received some type of financial aid. 

Acceptance and Graduation Rate: 

The university has a reasonable 78% of acceptance rate and 57% of graduation rate in total. 

Tuition Fees and Expenditure: 

The charges for accommodation and food can cost a student around $10000 approx. Right now, the application fee is nil, and the average tuition fee can charge about $16000.  

Financial Aid: 

There are scholarships available for students under several categories. You can consult your counselor or visit here to check your eligibility. 

4. Florida polytechnic university

The university has come into action since April 20 of 2012. One special thing about the university is that it is the nation’s leading engineering institute that provides a wide range of world-class education in STEM. It will spike instant interest in you if you are STEM enthusiasts as the university is 100% STEM-focused. 

Here is another to add to your joy the 70% Of Florida’s 15,000 High-Tech Companies Are Within 60 Miles Of Campus. 

It’s a public university and offers 35+ programs. 


The location of the university is 4700 Research Way, Lakeland, FL 33805, Florida. 

Financial Aid: 

The university offers need plus merit-based scholarships to its students. And the average scholarship under this category provided is approximately $9,500. And it doesn’t include student loans. 

Tuition Fees and extra expenditures: 

For undergraduates, the tuition would start from $21,005, and for graduate students, it would start from $19,998. 

The housing charges would rise up to $10,580, and finally, the books and supplies can cost $1,200. 

When do the intakes happen?

The intakes basically happen twice in this university, one in Spring and one in Fall. 

Acceptance Rate: 

The university’s acceptance rate is about 50%, and of course, it’s a great opportunity if you can get in. 

Some popular programs for International Students: 

  • Computer Engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Engineering Management 
  • For more on the same, visit here

5. Florida Southern College: 

It is one of the oldest on the list. The institute is really well-known for its liberal arts and sciences core. Around 3500+ students are the strength of the institute. Currently, it’s a private body offering education in  70+ programs to local and international students. 


The Florida Southern College is situated at 111 Lake Hollingsworth Drive, Lakeland, FL 33801. And one of the most beautiful places in the US. 

When do the intakes happen? 

The university intakes students 3 times a year; it’s precisely in the Summer, Spring and Fall. 

Financial Aid and Assistantship: 

The average of scholarships received for the MBA Merit is $500-$1,500. 

99% of the time, a student is offered some type of financial aid to support their education with Florida Southern College. 

Note: Only a stipulated number of graduate assistantships are given each year. This program offers discounts on your tuition fees but depends on the no. of hours worked. The percentage of students working on a part-time basis to account for their tuition fees ranges from 50 – 100% every term. 

Tuition fees and other expenditure:

The tuition fee is $445 – $1,035/Credit Hour. And the enrollment deposit can charge you about $250. 

Acceptance Rate and Graduation Rate: 

The acceptance rate of Florida Southern College is 52%, and the graduation rate is about 60%. For more info on the eligibility and application process, visit here

6. Purdue University Northwest:

It’s a private university operating since 1946. Today the institute is actively offering 70 graduate and undergraduate programs to around 9,300+ students. The university’s culture is widespread in 30 states and 47 other countries. And all these 47 countries have a representative student body in place. 

Location of the university: 

The university sits between Chicago’s skyscrapers and Lake Michigan’s sandy shores.

One is at 2200 169th St, Hammond, IN 46323, United States. And the other is at  1401 US-421, Westville, IN 46391, United States. 

When do intakes happen?

The intake usually happens twice a year, once in the Summer and once in the Fall. 

Financial Aid: 

The university and its external partners offer many scholarships options to local and international students. The basic average scholarship that an individual receives is around $1,000 – $3,000/year. 

Tuition Fees and other expenditure: 

The average tuition fee of a graduate would range from $11,136/Semester. Housing at Purdue University Northwest can cost anywhere from $7,985 – $8,020. Finally, the books and supplies can charge around  $800. 

Acceptance and Graduation Rate: 

The university’s acceptance rate is around 29%, and the Graduation rate is about 28%. 

Some Popular courses for International Students

  • Computer Information Technology 
  • Engineering Technology 
  • Technology Leadership and Management
  • For more information on the eligibility and application process, you can visit here

7. Portland State University: 

Background and Foundation: 

This university was established in the year 1946 with just 220 students in Vanport. But, today, it supports around 26,000 students with more than 200-degree programs. Portland State University is considered one of the affordable public research universities. To date, the institute has an alumni strength of 178K, and approximately 6.6%, which is roughly 2000+ of them are international students. 


The University is located at 1825 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97201, United States. Well, Portland is an excellent place to lead a happy urban life. Here, you can easily access some of the famous fun events and travel destinations in the Pacific Northwest. 

When do intakes usually happen? 

Portland State University intakes students 3 – 4 times a year. It depends on the type of program you choose as well. You can expect it to happen once every winter, spring, summer, and fall. 

An expected financial Aid: 

This is an estimated value of the university’s scholarship to a student starting from $3,000 – $10,000. Click here to check for your eligibility. 

Programs Offered: 

The university provides over 200+ degree and certificate programs to students worldwide. It includes different Undergraduate Programs in which a student can also go for flexible undergraduate programs if you feel that fits right for you. There are intensive English Language learning programs include in the curriculum. 

Tuition Fee and other expenditures: 

We’ll start with undergraduate; the tuition fee would cost approximately $23,709. Next, the tuition fee for a graduate would be nearly $728.50 / Credit Hour. Other insurance fees can be around $4,551. Finally, the living expenses can range up to $7,175. 

Graduation and Acceptance Rate: 

61% is the university’s graduation rate, and 96% is the acceptance rate of Portland State University. 

8. Lake Land College:

Like the most on the list, Lake Land College is also a historic university established in the year 1966. Let us also touch a little upon the campus; it has 7 major and 8 other supportive buildings. The campus has 2 beautiful ponds in the spacious 380 acres of land. 

There are about 160 acres of agriculture and laboratories for adding to student’s research and study. Besides these, there is one child care lab, one cosmetology clinic, and a big library. 


This huge campus is located precisely at 5001 Lake Land Blvd, Mattoon, IL 61938, United States. 

When do intakes happen? 

Lake Land College intakes students 3 times a year that’s in fall, spring and summer. 

Financial aid and scholarships programs:

There are a variety of scholarship programs available for students like foundation scholarships, presidential scholarships, athletic scholarships, livestock judging scholarships, and private scholarships. 

Every year the Lake Land College Foundation awards a massive amount of $400,000 of scholarships, and each one can get up to $5,000 worth of funds. And it is an annually recurring program, so the students are expected to be consistent. 

Fees and other expenses: 

The tuition fee for a full-time program for an international student is around $12,940.80 per year. The cost for textbooks is approximately $945.00. 

Programs offered:

Primarily they offer 150+ major programs. And they provide them different categories of academic programs like: 

  • Workforce ready programs 
  • High demand programs 
  • Transferred ready programs 
  • Special Admissions track programs 
  • Several areas of study programs 
  • For more, visit here and check out your eligibility, application process, and about the programs in detail. 

Acceptance and Graduation rate: 

Apparently, this American institute shows a 100% acceptance rate. And the graduation rate is about 32%. This is about Lake Land College. 

9. American university of integrative sciences

It’s a private for-profit institution established in Barbados in 1999. In the year 2014, a US-based investment group called IEMR LLC acquired the university’s records and property. It’s a 100% medical science-oriented college and would be apt for students interested in that discipline. Read to find out more. The university’s uniqueness is that it’s 1st Caribbean School To Implement An Integrative Medicine Sub-Curriculum.

Location of the University: 

American university of integrative sciences is located at 60 Well Rd, Cole Bay, Sint Maarten. 

When do the intakes happen? 

The intakes happen 3 times a year, once during winter, summer, and fall. 

Scholarships offered?

Primarily the university offers students 4 types of scholarships. Namely, they are; 

  • Founder’s Scholarship – Up to a $45,100.00 USD Tuition credit. 
  • Merit Scholarship – Up to a $26, 400.00 USD tuition credit for four terms.
  • Essay Scholarship – Up to a $6,000.00 USD Tuition credit.
  • Nurse to Doctor Scholarship – Up to a $6,000.00 USD Tuition credit.

For more details, visit here or contact your counselor. 

Tuition fees and other expenditures? 

  • Total Tuition; 4 year MD Program (USD$): 116,100 USD
  • Total Tuition; 5.5 year MD Program (USD$): 135,300 USD
  • Total Tuition; 3 year BMSc Program (USD$): 57,900 USD

The housing charges would charge anywhere from $500 to $1100 per month, depending on the amenities and location you choose. 

Note: A list of textbooks is recommended to students in their initial semester. It would cost a student around $750 for first term textbooks.

Programs offered: 

  1. Bachelor of Medical Sciences 
  2. MD Programs 
  3. Clinical Programs 
  4. Advanced Clinical Medicine 

Acceptance and rate: 

The university’s acceptance rate is around 75% which is pretty decent. 


10. Hult international business school

Background and foundation: 

Let’s begin by saying that it’s the first triple-accredited business school in the entire U.S. It’s ranked at #99 in the Global MBA Ranking award 2021. And many more accolades on its plate. It’s a private university established in several different countries, apparently. It has campuses in Cambridge, London, San Francisco, Dubai, New York City, and Shanghai campuses. There are active Student Bodies in about 160 Countries. 


There are 3 campuses located in the US. 

  1. Boston MA
  2. New York, NY
  3. San Francisco, CA

When do the intakes happen? 

Watch out for the intakes in fall, summer, and spring. 

Tuition Fees and other expenditure: 

We differentiated the fees depending on the location of your study. In Boston, the tuition fee would cost 47,500 USD. And in San Francisco, it would be around 49,500 USD. 

The living charges would budget around 11,000 USD in Boston and 12,000 USD in San Francisco. 

The housing charges can range up to 17,000 USD in Boston and 18,000 USD in San Francisco. 

Programs offered? 

They offer programs under 4 different categories as follows: 

  1. Master Programs 
  2. Bachelor Programs 
  3. MBA Programs 
  4. Doctoral Programs 

Scholarships offered: 

You have good merit; you are great at business or anything in that specific industry. You’ll find your type of scholarship at Hult. Here we are mentioning a few. 

  1. Social Impact Scholarship
  2. Global Professional Scholarship
  3. Entrepreneurial Impact Scholarship
  4. Senior Leaders Scholarship
  5. Women in Business Scholarship

For more in-depth info on the same, visit here 

Acceptance rate: 

Hult international business school’s acceptance rate is around 43.4%. 


With that, we come to the end of the blog. We hope you found what you were searching for in the blog. If it’s a yes then go and consult your counselor and get started with the process right away without further ado. But, if you still have questions and are looking for an expert’s opinion you can easily and happily contact us. 

Sign up or book an appointment now at University HUB. We are always one appointment away to provide you the right help. And if you like and want to see more of such content, bookmark this page because we keep posting such informational content every week. 

And you can continue reading for more info on US-oriented or Canada and many more countries and universities on our blogs section. So, we’ll catch you with another blog. Until then, keep educating yourself about what’s right in the study abroad space.


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