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Health Insurance For International Students In USA


You got admission to a university that you opted for. The academic fees are either covered using your loans or via scholarships for which you’ve been selected. But what about international student insurance for your health?

Reliable health insurance ensures you receive proper medical care – subject to the insurance regulations – without having to shell a lot of dollars from your pockets.

But what if your health is not on good terms and you need some immediate medical intervention? What if you arrive with a personal emergency and need to visit a hospital?

Amongst a multitude of things that you plan before going to the USA, most of the aspirants forget to do some research about health insurance for international students. The sad news is, the USA does not have universal health care. And people who are unwell have to fend for themselves and pay bills if they are not medically insured. This includes international students as well.

In this blog, we’ve shared some vital points about international student insurance, how you can get one, the support your university will offer, and how University HUB can help you connect with the right people to get your insurance issue sorted.

Are you an international student in the USA and do you need expert assistance in getting health insurance? We’ll help you. Contact us.

Do International Students In USA Need Health Insurance?

Healthcare in the USA will be costly for international students, provided you are already on a tight-knit budget for your stay and studies. It is essential to have a proper health insurance plan in place before you embark on your journey to the USA.

There is a popular misconception that an international student’s travel insurance also covers health insurance. No, it doesn’t. You need to check with the enrolled university if medical insurance is part of their fee structure. Many universities insist on this though.

In rare circumstances when the college is not providing the insurance, your college POC will be able to help you collaborate with the coherent healthcare authorities.

Also, medical expenses and international student insurance differ from place to place, university to university. There is no fixed price. However, it “might” be somewhere between $500 – $1000. Again, the price is subjective and varies depending on so many factors.

The best plus in getting international student insurance is cost savings. Because healthcare in the USA costs a bomb. To give you an example, an X-Ray costs around $100 and goes all the way to thousands of dollars depending upon the place where you live, the type of scan required, and such expenses are – we consider – a lot for a student to lead a daily life.

J1 Visa Holders Health Insurance

Entering the USA with a J1 Visa? You are expected to have the necessary best international student health insurance that ticks all the boxes set forth by the visa authorities. Below are the prerequisites set by the US Department of State Insurance:

  • Medical benefits of at least $100,000 per illness or accident
  • A deductible not to exceed $500 per accident or illness
  • Repatriation of remains coverage up to $25,000
  • Co-payments should not exceed 25% 

F1 Visa Health Insurance For International Students

Unlike the rules set for J1 visa holders, there is no necessity to meet any standards for F1 visa holders who happen to be international students pursuing graduation there. You have the liberty to choose from the plan that the university offers or a secured private insurance plan.

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How To Get Health Insurance For International Students?

When you look up universities and the perks you get studying in that institution, make sure you also check if the college provides an in-house scheme that covers basic and emergency medical expenses. If either yes or no, check out the way you can get insurance in the USA.

  • University Insurance Plan: If the college you enrolled in offers a must-take health insurance plan, you have no other option as the total fee is combined with the insurance amount as well. Less paperwork and fewer hassles are the benefits of this as the formalities will be completed by the college itself. However, in hindsight, the cost of insurance is not in your hands. Neither is negotiable.

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  • There also exists a sub-option of a school-sponsored health insurance plan with an option to waive, provided you have submitted the necessary documents to prove that you’ve purchased a health insurance plan equivalent to the one that’s offered. To help students, the universities offer a “Waiver Form” which you need to request from the Designated School Officer.
  • The Other Option: Suppose your university does not offer you a health insurance plan, you have to scout for reliable options outside to be on the safer side. Ask yourself some questions about how much you will be able to afford in terms of emergencies, whether there are going to be recurring medical needs, do you have any current illnesses, and so on. Based on these answers, you can choose an insurance plan depending on your budget. Make sure to fully research, and ask around. Because the cheapest plan may not cover everything you need.

Steps To Find The Right Health Insurance Plan In USA

Below, we’ve summarized the steps you can follow to ensure you select a suitable plan that meets all your requirements.

  1. Check if the university offers health insurance for students.
  2. Get to know if it is part of the overall fee or if you’ve to pay extra.
  3. If they offer, well and good – You can proceed.
  4. If universities don’t, seek experts’ help in getting this done.
  5. Check private insurance policies available in the USA.
  6. List down points of what you need the insurance to cover.
  7. Read about the insurance providers online.
  8. Choose the best international student health insurance


Irrespective of how motivated or skilled you are to study hard and win big in the USA, staying healthy is the most important thing. Do not make any compromises choosing a health insurance plan. 
If you need any help in choosing a health insurance plan for you, and in knowing which universities in the USA offer an insurance plan, we are there with you to help your study in the USA be seamless. Let’s talk.


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