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Guide On Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application DS-160


What is the DS-160 Form?

The DS-160 form is officially labeled as an Online Non-immigrant Visa Application. It is an electronic application for the U.S. non-immigrant visa, which must be filled by every applicant, and is included for the babies and the toddlers too.

The application form consists of a list of questions like contact details, personal information, passport and travel information, family information, previous trips to the U.S, questions about work experience and education, and so on. It is divided into varied sections, in which the data is collected accordingly. Besides, the DS-160 form also asks questions for security reasons, in which your background is verified, and is asked to upload your face image.

So, what must be followed for DS-160 Form Filling Instructions?

The DS-160 online nonimmigrant visa application is not very hard as it is seen or said. By following just a few simple steps and paying close attention to the questions, and answering correctly and truly, your visa is sure to get approved.

Take Note – Always keep in mind that while filling the DS-160 form, all the questions must be answered truthfully and correctly. Even a small mistake or misrepresentations will only delay or hold your application process. Never give space for the authorities to doubt your answers, as it can also lead to the worst consequence- visa rejection. For instance, when asked about your exact date for your last U.S trip, and you do not remember much about it, then respond with the most accurate data possible. This is the reason, it is very important to have your passport and other documents in hand so that you give the right and exact answers. If there are questions that do not apply to you, just click on `Does Not apply’.

Where to Fill Form DS 160?

Once you are aware of what DS 160 form is, you must know how and where to fill the form. Before you start filling your DS-160 form, you can review the application on the U.S. State Department website. This way, you will be familiar with the form, and you will also know what and how to answer it.

But again, depending upon the application of the individual, further questions may arise in the application form. All you have to do is stay calm and reply truthfully, giving them no space for doubts or concerns of any kind.

The form can be accessed at the Consular Electronic Application Center Website. However, if you are looking for DS-160 filling help, then you can use the service of a third-party company for assistance. Get help from the University HUB for all kinds of Visa application filling tasks.


What is Needed for Filling the Application Form?

The second step is to collect a few documents you need to complete the DS-160 Electronic Form. Make sure you have your documents, passport, address, and other related information at hand. Since you will come across a few questions which you will not remember the exact dates, these documents will be helpful while filling the form.

Some of the important documents that you must have are as follows.

  1. Your valid passport
  2. Every international date trip you have made during your last five years, including the U.S.
  3. Travel itinerary
  4. Your previous and current education information
  5. Work history, if any.

Some applicants will require other documents and information, such as,

  1. Student and exchange visitors will be asked SEVIS ID. They must have the address of the program/school they intend to study.
  2. Petition-based temporary workers – They must have a copy of I-129
  3. Other temporary workers will be asked about their employer, employer’s address, and other related information.

Log In

This is the most important part of the entire form-filling process. Ensure your internet connection is strong and stable so that you do not miss any important information. The DS-160 fill online must never be completed in a hurry mode. You will come across many questions, so take your time and answer it carefully. On average, it is estimated that an applicant spends at least 30-60 minutes per application. So plan your time accordingly. 

The following DS-160 help guide will help you fill the form correctly. 

If you are a first-time applicant, then click on `Start an Application. You will then be moved to answer a security question.  Ensure to complete this part to get access to a unique application ID and also for online security reasons. Remember the number or note it down, so that you can retrieve DS-160 form online when you log in next time. 

Once you have completed the first 2 pages of the form, you will be directed to questions, which are categorized into four groups. They are,

  • Personal questions
  • Security-related questions
  • Family information
  • Information related to education, work, or training.
  1. All the questions must be answered in English. 
  2. After answering all the questions, you must upload your digital passport size photo. Take note that the photo must be taken within the last six months. It must also meet the other specifications and requirements of the U.S. Visa photo. Do not wear eyeglasses, as it is not permitted in the photo. After uploading, if you see a green tick, then the photo has met the guidelines and passed the quality standards. 
  3. Review the information you have provided thoroughly.
  4. After the photo is uploaded, you will be notified about where you should visit to submit the application for a U.S. non-immigrant visa. Memorize or note down the location. 
  5. You will then have to sign the application form electronically. This can be done by clicking on `Sign and Submit Application’.

You have successfully completed the first step for a US nonimmigrant visa. Save the confirmation page and get a DS-160 hard copy. This is very important as, without the DS-160 form confirmation page, you will not be able to attend the interview. You can find your Application ID or DS-160 confirmation number underneath the barcode. This number is important for the further application process.


DS-160 Form Validity

The DS-160 visa application validity is for 30 days. For example, if you have applied on March 1st, then the DS-160 expiration date will be March 31st. Complete the form before time, so that you do not have to start all over again.

DS-160 Tips and Instructions

  1. Time Out – Many times, because of technical issues like malfunctions or page crashes, the data gets erased or timed out. So, it is strongly advised to save the DS-160 form regularly.
  2. The timeout for the application is 20 minutes. If it is not saved, the entire data will be erased, and you will have to redo it from the start.
  3. DS-160 Confirmation Number – Note down the confirmation number, along with the application ID, or Barcode Number. The numbers begin with AA00… This will be helpful to log in later and make changes or complete the form. But once you have submitted the form, changes or corrections cannot be made. So carefully check the form before submitting it. 

Apart from this, there are few frequently asked DS-160 form questions. Let’s discuss them below.

What is the DS-160 confirmation number?

The number which you receive after the form is completed, signed, and submitted is the DS-160 confirmation number. It is the confirmation that indicates that the step is completed.

Can the DS-160 form be edited after it is submitted?

Once you have submitted the form, no changes can be made. This is the reason, it is emphasized to recheck at least twice or thrice before you submit the form. 

However, the DS-160 form can be edited in two ways like,

  1. If the form is submitted in the last 30 days, you can retrieve the DS-160 application at the Consular Electronic Application Center System and then edit it. 
  2. The next way is to fill a completely new form. Then bring the confirmation page from both the revised and original DS-160 form on your appointment day.

How to retrieve DS-160 form after submission?

The form can be retrieved within 30 days from the day you signed and submitted it. Here is the procedure you should follow for retrieving your DS-160 form. 

  1. Log in to the Consular Electronic Application Center System
  2. Then, enter the Application Identification number
  3. Once the number is entered, select the option, `Retrieve an Application’. 
  4. Creating the new application, it will cause the entire previous application to appear.
  5. Do the required editing
  6. Recheck for any editing or mistakes
  7. Resubmit the application.

Is it necessary to print the whole application?

It is not required to print the entire application form. You will only have to take a copy of the DS-160 Form Confirmation Page. This page is the most important one, as, without this page, you are either able to submit the application file or attend the interview for a Visa. Therefore, make sure to have double copies of the confirmation page, along with necessary documents.

Are all questions mandatory to answer?

Most of the questions are surely important to answer unless the questions are marked `Optional’. The questions that do not apply to you, can be mentioned as `Does Not Apply’. Besides, the system will not submit the form unless all mandatory questions are answered. If you have left any mandatory questions, then it will display an error message on the screen. Unless all the mandatory questions are not answered, your form will be incomplete and will not be submitted. 

Can a third party complete the form?

Yes! If, in case of queries or if the applicant is unsure about the data, a third party can complete the form. However, the third party must be identified on the application page of `Sign and Submit’. 

Submission of DS-160 form is completed, but the confirmation page is lost. Is it possible for a new print?

Yes, if you have submitted the application form, then you can reprint the confirmation page. This can be done by logging in to the Consular Electronic Application Center Website, selecting the consulate or embassy, which you are applying for. Then hit the `Option C- Retrieve Application’ and enter your Application ID number. You can now view the confirmation page, which you can print it too. 

Are additional forms required?

The DS-160 application form has replaced the DS-156, DS-157, DS-158, and DS-3032.  This makes it not necessary for any other forms. 

For more information, doubts, or any other queries, get in touch with University HUB whenever needed. The experts are ready to assist you in the best possible manner.


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