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Free Counseling for Studying Abroad


Are you one of those with big dreams of stepping foot in a foreign land and getting graduated there? Do you aspire to study abroad but don’t know where or how to start? Is your dream of studying abroad taking too much time to fall into place due to improper guidance on how to go about it? You are at the right place. Keep reading and you shall find your answers.

In this blog, we’ll delve deep into how studying abroad and the process of doing so – is not as complicated as you perceive it – provided by having a well-experienced team who can clear the doubts and guide you. 

How Many Indians Are Studying Abroad?

The keen interest shown by young Indian lads to study abroad is growing year by year. Of course, the last couple of years showed stunted growth as the borders were closed combating Covid-19. But now that things are back in place, a report says that 2 million students would be studying abroad in 2024. 

Factors such as attractive salary packages, a better quality of education, gaining international exposure, and more are the common reasons why Indians choose to study abroad.

That being said, the fact that studying abroad can also accelerate your career still rings true in the minds of so many Indian students out there.

Canada, the USA, and the UK continue to be the most sought-after countries by students. While the demand for studying abroad is increasing, University HUB felt the need to bridge the gap between students and their aspirations. And that is why we’ve helped 1000s of students over the years to make their study abroad dreams come true. You can be our next.

University HUB: Doorway To Your Study Abroad Dreams

Times were different a decade back, we saw a lot of students giving up on their studying abroad dreams due to lack of proper guidance, not knowing where to start, complications in applying to universities, irregularities in seeking scholarships, and so many more roadblocks. Of course, there were a few counsellors who were helping students, but the count was very less. 

To us, it felt difficult to see so many students stranded without knowing the path to take. And that is when we decided to change things our way so that we can change the fortunes of students your way. 

The University HUB Impact

Over the years, University HUB has helped 85,000+ students with our team of professionals. Wait, that’s not it. We’ve partnered with top-class 75+ universities across the world that offer exemplary education. And our efforts have also been fruitful in providing 3000+ scholarships for students from countries across the world. Looking back, University HUB feels so happy to have made an impact on the lives of  many students. 

>> Do you also want free counselling for studying abroad or any guidance that will make your process hassle-free? We are a call away. Contact us.

Adding on, University HUB is a member of American International Recruitment Council (AIRC), A premier nonprofit association headquartered in the USA. We are also a certified member of the Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC) and International Consultants for Education and Fairs (ICEF). For more information on our Accreditations, please visit this page.

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Why Choose University HUB?

Well, this is a common question that might be thronging your minds. When there are so many around, why choose us? We’ll break that down for you as well on how we ignited the passion of 1000s over the years.

  1. Free Assistance: Get all your doubts cleared. Get help on how to choose your university and course. Get assistance on entrance exams, Visa application, Admission process and scholarships. And the best part is you don’t have to spend a dime.
  1. Tie Up With Top Universities: We’ve partnered with 75+ reputed universities in Canada, USA, UK. You get to talk directly with the officials of Universities.
  1. Students’ Faith: As we said, over 85,000+ aspirants trusted University HUB to fulfil their dreams of studying abroad, in choosing universities, visa processing guidance, loan assistance, and more.

How To Get Free Study Abroad Counseling?

Helping you study abroad, every step of the way. All consultants at University HUB are professionally certified – each of them – helped 100s of students get placed in universities across the world.

>> Start your journey today with a free study abroad counselling call with University HUB’s expert team. Get in touch with us.

  1. Counselling Call: The very first step is a call to understand your ambition better, the course you want to take, and why you choose to study abroad. Basically, knowing more details about you.
  1. Choosing University: Once the initial call is done, University HUB assists you in choosing the right university. Since we’ve partnered with top-class institutions in Canada, the USA, the UK… The prospects of getting in are good, provided you are qualified.
  1. Documentation: Some important documents include SOP, LOR, etc. These are essential in ensuring the university understands how passionate you are and how studying at their institution will impact your life and career. We’ll help with these docs.
  1. University Document Checklist: A lot of paperwork is required. A lot. We’ll scrutinize if your documents match all the ones that are expected of the university that you seek in Step Two.
  1. Visa Application Assistance: Not many are sure about what happens in the one-to-one that happens with the designated officer. With us, our experts give you handy tips on how to crack the conversation.

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  1. Applying For Scholarships: We strongly believe dreams should not be deterred because of low financials. And that’s why we’ve helped more than 300+ students get scholarships and placed them in reputed universities. 

>> Scholarships in the USA, Canada, and the UK

  1. Accommodation Assistance: We help you find the right and comfortable place to stay after your university is confirmed. Whether you choose to stay in-campus or away, the options are plenty.

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  1. Connect With Students: Getting into a new land without knowing some people over there can be daunting. University HUB connects you with our earlier counterparts who have chosen our services and are now abroad. We’ll get you a set of new friends too 😉
  1. Elite Career Launch Pad Program: Our job doesn’t end after you take a flight. University HUB – through this program – keeps a constant touch with you to ensure your stay, study, and everything abroad is at the right place without any complications involved in the process. Because, we care about each of our students, just like your family.

Ready To Start?

If you are planning to study abroad, let’s join hands and work together to find a country, course, and university for you. Right from university selection to scholarship assistance, and study abroad loans… University HUB stands with, until both take flight – you and your dreams!

Accomplish your study abroad goals by booking an appointment NOW. Fill up this form you see at the bottom of the page. There are other options too, get in touch with us directly over a call or WhatsApp us instantly.

Do not let your dreams of studying abroad dry away. Take the right steps. Choose the right experts. Be a part of our free counselling sessions. And let’s make the dream happen, sooner than you think.

You manifest your dreams, and we make them happen!


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