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Featured Partner – University of West Los Angeles


About our University President

The University of West Los Angeles runs under the guidance of their president, Robert W. Brown. Here are a few words from him.

“We celebrate 50 years as a university that was started by several Culver City high school teachers who believed that graduate and law school should be accessible and affordable for all. Their foresight is equally applicable to our society today and is still an important component of UWLA’s mission. Our mission will always be to provide quality, challenging and affordable education to men and women from diverse backgrounds.’

University of West Los Angeles

The University of West Los Angeles is known for its top-quality, affordable and flexible education. It gives equal opportunities to learn to students who have other obligations and must create time to attend classes. This has been the institution’s goal since its formation in 1966.

The institution maintains two campuses in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area in Inglewood and Chatsworth, San Fernando Valley. It is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The university’s School of Law is accredited by the State Bar of California Committee of Bar Examiners, but not by the American Bar Association.

The institution has a student body rich in diversity; from people of different age, race, ethnicity, work/life experiences and educational goals. UWLA has created a dynamic and involving environment for students with ambitious career targets. UWLA has a space for people hoping to attain certification in the undergraduate level, graduate, business and even law school.

Our Vision

The goal of UWLA is to offer premier education. The institution ensures this by making sure that their students will:

  • Make progress towards becoming engaged and self-reliant learners demonstrating habits of intellectual inquiry and striving toward their maximum potential.
  • Experience an academically rigorous learning environment that challenges them to develop the necessary verbal, written and critical analysis and critical thinking skills needed to evaluate complex issues.
  • Develop an understanding of advanced concepts and major modes of inquiry using a variety of methodologies.
  • Be prepared to contribute to a diverse democratic society with a pluralistic perspective of the world.
  • Be able to demonstrate civility, empathy, interpersonal competence, social responsibility and peaceful conflict resolution within the context of their chosen field.
  • Recognize the ethical dimensions of decisions and actions as well as demonstrate the ability to engage in the ethical reasoning necessary to exercise responsibility as an ethical individual, professional, local and global citizen.

Our Mission

UWLA has a diversity culture that creates a unique equitable empowerment environment. They offer opportunities to resilient learners so that they can serve their communities to the best of their abilities.

Offered Programs

The programs offered at UWLA can be broken down into its two schools:

  • School of Business
  • School of Law

School of Business

The University of West Los Angeles offers the Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership and Business Innovation and the Bachelors of Science in Business Administration programs.

The idea behind offering these programs is that with this current era of technological advances; innovation, leadership and business acumen are important in the operation of any business. UWLA has made these programs for anyone who can see the value of cutting edge information and desires functional business skills.

Their multidisciplinary Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership and Business Innovation and Bachelors of Science in Business Administration programs equip the students, working professionals, motivated leaders, managers and entrepreneurial minded individuals with the skills, analytical tools and concepts to push their careers to another level.

School of Business Mission Statement

The Mission of UWLA’s School of Business is to offer a diverse population with high quality undergraduate and graduate degrees through a tech-enhanced learning environment just to develop and enhance their academic and professional business skills and enable them to contribute to society.

Words from School of Business Dean

The UWLA School of Business is led by Dean Talon Brown who is there to guide the school towards the achievement of its objectives. Here are some words from the Dean.

‘UWLA School of Business provides its students an educational home that combines foundational theory, real life skills, expert faculty and modern innovation. Leveraging over 50 years of University experience, the School of Business programs are constantly working to provide a new crop of business and thought leaders and give each student usable knowledge and skills.’

School of Law

Getting to the top of the legal field requires much more than natural talent, one needs to be disciplined, determined and the right training. The University Of West Los Angeles School Of Law is determined to give its students the highest chance of succeeding in this field. They look for individuals who are not only dedicated to the difficult study of the law but those who also display a real potential to achieve.

School of Law Mission Statement

The mission of the University Of West Los Angeles School Of Law is to provide student initiated inquiry-based learning experiences to enable resilient men and women from diverse backgrounds, to become self-educators who will be ethical practitioners of the law.

Words from School of Law Dean

The UWLA School of Law is led by Dean Jay P. Frykberg, here are a few words from him.

‘UWLA Law is world-renowned as one of the most experienced law schools in the USA. Since 1966, the institution has been educating and preparing students for life in the legal field. 

As our students come from diverse backgrounds and cultures from all over the world, an exceptional learning environment is essential to facilitate acquiring the skills and knowledge required to enter the field of law.’

School Fees

School of Law Cost of Attendance

Tuition and Fees$25,416
Loan Fees$216
Food and Housing (Without Parent)$15,336
Transportation (Without Parent)$816
Personal (Without Parent)$3,416
Total Cost of Attendance (Without Parent)$47,134
Food and Housing (With Parent)$8,072
Transportation (With Parent)$888
Personal (With Parent)$2,912
Total Cost of Attendance (With Parent)$39,438

School of Business Bachelors Program Cost of Attendance

Tuition and Fees$11,068
Loan Fees (Without Parent)$132
Food and Housing (Without Parent)$14,736
Transportation (Without Parent)$760
Personal (Without Parent)$3,360
Total Cost of Attendance (Without Parent)$30,376
Loan Fees (With Parent)$79
Food and Housing (With Parent)$7,808
Transportation (With Parent)$832
Personal (With Parent)$2,864
Total Cost of Attendance (With Parent)$22,971

School Business Master’s Program Cost of Attendance

Tuition and Fees$16,564
Loan Fees$216
Food and Housing (Without Parent)$14,736
Transportation (Without Parent)$760
Personal (Without Parent)$3,360
Total Cost of Attendance (Without Parent)$35,956
Food and Housing (With Parent)$7,808
Transportation (With Parent)$832
Personal (With Parent)$2,864
Total Cost of Attendance (With Parent)$28,604

Financial Aid 

The faculty at the University of West Los Angeles understands that meeting the tuition fees at their institution might pose a challenge. Therefore, the school allows its students to apply for the following financial aid programs:

  • Federal Grants – Money that doesn’t have to be paid back.
  • Federal Work-Study – Money is earned through a job and doesn’t have to be repaid.
  • Federal Student Loans – These are loans that accumulate interest; they must be repaid. 

Cultural Diversity

The University of West Los Angeles offers quality education to students from a wide variety of diverse backgrounds within the USA and students from other countries. Around 60% are Black or African American, 20% are white, and 20% are Non-resident aliens. As an international student you will be among throngs of other international students from all over the world.

Getting to know Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most popular cities in the world mostly known for being the home of Hollywood and probably the home of modern pop culture. However, there is much more to Los Angeles than what meets the eye.

First of all, life in LA can be really expensive and therefore one must be mentally and financially prepared for that.

However, if you’re going to study in UWLA, one must be willing to try the street food. Most of these come in the form of food trucks. The taco trucks and hot dog carts in LA offer the convenience of getting cheap and delicious food on the go.

If you like what you hear about UWLA, don’t hesitate to join the institution and advance your education and career. 


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