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Cumberland University

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19th July, Hyderabad

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Cumberland University

Cumberland University was founded in 1842 and holds a unique place in American history as one of the oldest, private, liberal art universities in the South. Now recognized as one of the fastest-growing liberal arts universities in Tennessee, CU focuses on helping students prepare to launch meaningful careers, pursue their passions, and make the most of their college experience. 

Located 25 miles east of Nashville in Lebanon, Tennessee, CU blends traditional liberal arts values with modern practical approaches through traditional undergraduate programs, graduate studies, and online offerings. With over 2700 students from 32 states and 42 countries, CU continues to evolve to meet the needs of a diverse and thriving student body.

Hybrid STEM Programs


Master of Science in IT Management


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Master of Science in Engineering Management


get $4,200 Scholarship

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Reggie Blair

Vice President for Enrollment Services

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