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Benefits of Spot Admission Drive for Studying Abroad


As the good times are back and colleges worldwide are opening their classrooms again to welcome their International students for direct classes, the future looks bright. Especially for Indian students who are willing to study abroad.

For the last couple of years, the dreams came crashing down for aspirants who wanted to study in nations like the USA, UK, Canada, and more, for the reasons that you know. But not anymore.

A study said that the number of Indian Students in the United States increased by over 12 percent in the preceding academic year, while the stats of China dropped by more than eight percent. This clearly shows that Indian students are continuing to chase the American dream.

However, although the USA is a sought-after option, it is not the only country that students from India are looking forward to studying. However, no matter what country students of India choose for education purposes, it comes with a baggage of doubts and confusion.

From issues pertaining to visas, choosing the right university and course to study, accommodation issues, working as you study, and so on – These doubts are often dabbling in the minds of youngsters.

Since the restrictions are curbed and people don’t have to look at each other through video calls, Overseas Education and Exposure Fairs are back where aspiring students willing to study abroad and go and meet consultants who’ve helped 1000s seek their abroad dreams.

And that’s not the best part yet. It is getting spot admissions for studying abroad. How cool is this? How comfortable is this?

Imagine going through all the pain by yourself without understanding the nuances, complexities, and process of studying abroad. Whereas when you collaborate and work along with University HUB, whose platform has connected students with international universities, it makes things easy.

Benefits of Attending Spot Admission Drive for Studying Abroad

In this blog, as the title suggests, we are going to explain why you must be there on the next drive, whenever it happens in your town. Well, this might be your chance to see your study abroad dream come true. Offering spot admissions, up the chances of seeing you fly soon!

1. Get accepted on the spot

Have you decided what university and course you are going to study? And which place are you going to visit? Suppose you have a clear mind and journey to take along with the necessary requirements and educational qualifications. In that case, that’s all that is required for you to get accepted for admission on the spot, after discussion with our subject experts.

Even if you don’t have a clear idea of how to pursue further in terms of choosing a place or university, our team is stationed to help you.

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2. Get your i20 on the spot (or in a few days)

For those who aren’t aware of what an i20 Form is and why it’s important, here you go. It is a certificate of eligibility for nonimmigrant student status. You’ll be receiving this from your Designated School Official (DSO). If you have any further queries regarding the immigration process, the same can be redirected towards the DSO.

Students studying abroad also have to note that a candidate cannot apply for a USA Student Visa without an i20 Form. But does having an i20 Form guarantee getting a visa, that too cannot be assured.

3. Meet reps from the University

You can directly meet concerned representatives and educationalists from the university and clarify your doubts. You can ask about the scope of course available, the options that are there for your perusal, and also discuss the future of how your career can bloom if you do that particular course you choose.

Students can have free-wheeling and candid conversations with representatives who are always there to help beyond education and also help in seeking their doubts about the culture, place, activities, and more.


4. Avail Application Fee waivers

Application Fee waivers are oftentimes given to students who are in financial need. Not everyone would be in a position to pay immediately in the drive that’s happening. We understand the circumstances and neither would we want you to give up on your dreams. That’s why we’ve arranged application fee waivers so that we can help cut down the costs.

And all you need to do for this to happen is attend our education drive and talk to us directly about your dream for us to help you attain those.

5. Get on-spot scholarships

You have a dream of going and studying abroad. This is something that you wanted to happen for a long time. However, considering your family and financial situation, you, like many students, are rethinking if you can still go abroad and study. Do you fall in this category?

Don’t worry. You are not the only one here.

But there’s good news – You can get on-spot scholarships at the education drives we organize; provided you have the necessary academic proficiency and skills to work hard for achieving greater things. Don’t forget this: Never let the burden of finance deter your dreams.

There are a lot of scholarships and our team can help you get one. Let’s get on a call and discuss your ambitions further.

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6. Networking with fellow students

Make friends and meet people, even before you go abroad. Another best part about attending these education drives is the fact that you can meet people who share the same zeal as you.

You can network with fellow students, seek opinions and advice on what their plans are, and get to know where they are coming from and how they are going about food, accommodation, travel, etc. after flying abroad. 

Real-time Results

Recently, University HUB conducted a couple of such Education Drives for Students interested in studying abroad. We organized in a couple of cities in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The response was phenomenal. We issued offers to 300+ students who are ready to seek their international dream. The happiness in their eyes – when they knew they were inching closer toward dreams – is boundless.

We are planning to continue spot admissions for other universities as well in the times to come. This is your chance to secure your study dream.


Studying abroad and the process even before you get on the flight is a long and tedious one. You focus on preparing for the admission and visa tests while the rest can be taken care of by a reputed team who has helped students studying abroad.

Subscribe to us and don’t forget to attend our next Education Drive that we are conducting for students like YOU.

Have more doubts or need help studying abroad? Refer here or We are a call away. 


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