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Accommodation in USA for Indian Students


The commonly asked questions: How do I get accommodation in the USA? Which city is best for Indian Students in the USA? How do we finalize the place to stay while studying in the USA?

Now that you’ve decided to pursue your higher studies abroad in a university located in the USA. There are the next set of logistics that needs to be taken care of — to ensure your time in the US is made memorable without any issues sprouting up.

Finalizing a new house in a new city, in a new province, and in a new country can be a refreshing task. You come across a beautiful place to stay but however — that shoots up your budget you have in mind.

Well, you shortlisted another house, but that’s far from where your university is which in turn increases your transportation costs. Or you’d like to co-live amongst other friends in the USA. The doubts are limitless. So are the options.

Sitting in India and finding a comfortable place to stay in the USA for an affordable price is not as complicated as it sounds. Indian students have plenty of options to choose from based on their budget, cost of living, lifestyle, transportation to their university, and a lot more factors.

Choosing Accommodation for Indian Students in USA

In this blog, we’ll be explaining what type of student accommodations there are for Indian Students studying in the USA. And also shedding light on the various factors that need to be taken into consideration before you zero in on a place of your choice.

  1. Pick your place: What course are you going to study and what are the universities that are in your mind? This would be step zero before you venture out to search for a place. Only after you decide on the city can you explore options of staying in the USA.
  1. Brainstorm your budget: What is the budget you have in mind that you can allocate for monthly housing expenses? The cost of living varies from place to place — for both living inside the university or if you are taking a place away from the campus.
  1. Transportation: This would not be an issue if you are opting for an in-house stay at the university. But if you are seeking outside, you have to keep in mind the expenses that should be calculated for your commute to college daily. And elsewhere.
  1. Initial Deposit: To explain in easier terms, in the Indian Context, the owner of a house asks to pay an advance amount for the security deposit, right? The situation is the same in the USA where you have to give them a deposit amount before moving into their place.
  1. Utilities Cost: Water bill, internet services, fuel expenses, electricity usage, and more — These are some of the unavoidable add-on expenses that come part and parcel of your new stay. Keep a note of all these expenses too when you are looking for a place to stay.
  1. Are you going to stay alone or with your friends in a shared room? If staying with your friends, who all are going to stay together? If inside the campus — Will you be staying in a solo room or in a shared dormitory? Think about these too!

Types of Accommodation for Indian Students in USA

There are various types of accommodations available for Indian students ranging from university dormitories to shared rooms or renting private apartments — there are lots of options available for all students based on your budget, convenience, cost of living, and more.

  1. Staying in University: Most of the universities have in-house accommodation where you can stay in rooms that are located inside or near to the universities. This is also one of the most sought-after choices and convenient accommodations, considering most of the things will be taken care of by the universities themselves. The best advantage of choosing this is you get to meet a lot of people from your campus, socialize with new students, and more.
  1. Hostels: Staying in a hostel is another popular option for Indian students staying in the USA. From short-term stay options and even for those who are looking for long-term staying. The monthly price too can be considered affordable. The best part is — there are plenty of hostels available if you can spend dedicated time searching for the right place. If you choose a hostel nearby your university, the costs also can be cut down to a large extent.
  1. Renting Home: Once students have adjusted their living in the USA< many students opt for renting a home for themselves and their friends outside of the university campus. While there can be fewer restrictions and more liberty when you get to stay outside, the costs can be a bit higher. Say, monthly rent, food expenses, internet charge, and so on. On the brighter side — you get to stay with your friends/classmates who are studying with you. And even with your friends who are part of other universities in your city.
  1. Homestays: Another option that can be explored by students are homestays that are available for staying in the USA. These are usually kept open by families who are willing to rent their homes (more of, like short-term staying and even long-term based on how you communicate w/ them). Until you find a room for a permanent stay or for long-term accommodation, homestays can be chosen. You can talk with local people and try to find out from the students of the USA if they know any contacts for homestays.
  1. Flat Sharing: Along with a few of your friends, you can move into a flat by renting one nearby from your university. In terms of enjoying and experiencing — this would be a perfecto-uno option for students. You can live life on your own terms — traveling to new places, exploring, cooking by itself, and a lot more things. Ascertain the budget and find the perfect home to stay w/ your friends. 

Few Questions to Ask Yourself

Coming to the final part — irrespective of where you choose from — there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before shortlisting or finalizing a home/room for your stay.

  1. What would be the budget for your monthly stay?
  2. How far is the university from your place of stay?
  3. What about the safety measures in your area?
  4. Is there enough public transportation available?
  5. How will you be taking care of food?
  6. Are there any timing-based rules? (If staying in Univ.)
accommodation-for-indian-students (2)

The quest to find your perfect stay and finalizing it will be an awesome experience for Indian Students in the USA. Apart from universities, most of the time you’ll be spending is during your stay. So, choose the right place, find the right friends, and make sure your stay there is memorable to reckon.

You are one step away from exploring the various options available along with the price tags associated with the place. Check out and happy searching. If you need any help, do get in touch with us and we’ll make your study experience lovely, wherever you go.


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