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What brings students to UWLA is our achievement of a top-quality, affordable, and flexible education. UWLA provides those who must work full-time and attend school part-time the opportunity to pursue their education goals. This has been our mission since UWLA was founded in 1966.

Our student body is rich in diversity, age, race, ethnicity, work/life experiences, and career goals, making UWLA a front-runner in a dynamic and engaging environment for the serious student. No matter if your focus is, undergraduate, graduate, business, or law school,there is a place for you here. Our superior professor/practitioner credentials, intimate class sizes along with a supportive faculty and staff allow UWLA to line up with the top schools in the country.


The UWLA Edge

STEM Program with Integral CPT

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Hybrid Format

Located just 2 miles from LAX Airport

1 Weekend Intensive On Campus Per Term

Opportunity to Work In The USA for Up to 3 years

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9800 S. La Cienega Blvd., 12th Floor Inglewood, CA 90301.

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Popular MS Programs at UWLA

Master of Science in Leadership, Management, and Technology

STEM Program

Get up to $9,000 Scholarship

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18 Months

enhance your ability to successfully lead, manage and implement innovative business practices and procedures with UWLA's Master of Science in Leadership, Management, and Technology Degree!

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Masters of Science in Leadership, Management, and Technology

Master of Science in Leadership, Management, and Technology is a program with 36 required units to graduate. The standard program is divided into a minimum of 6, 9-week terms. All courses will be administered in a nine-week session format, two courses will be offered each session for the standard program. Each student must complete twelve (12) required 3-unit courses at UWLA for a total of 36-units for the master’s degree.

The Master’s Program is offered in a hybrid method of instruction. Courses will be offered online (distance education) while simultaneously having a traditional classroom environment with courses held at the LAX or SFV campus (Residential component). Students also have the options of enrolling in our Weekend Intensive Schedule.

Students may finish the degree in approximately 14 months depending on the number of courses that they take per session.

Spot Admission for MBA, Master's and Doctoral Programs. Get up to $7,200 Scholarship!

Spot Admission for STEM Graduate Programs at UWLA. Get $8,000 On The Spot Scholarship

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Study In USA

Study in Top-Ranked Public Universities in the USA

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