Everything you need to study abroad

student essentials


We know finding a home away from home is not an easy task. We at University HUB has partnered with Explorastay to help our students find accommodation that suit their requirements in any country.

Legal support

Get Instant video consultations from experienced lawyers with InstaLaw. University HUB has partnered with InstaLaw to provide our students with the legal support they need with their Immigration/Visa etc.



Finding an affordable and safe place to live and study abroad requires great deal of efforts and commitment from students. This is the most difficult process one has to go through after getting University Admission.

University HUB has partnered with ExploraStay to make this process stress-free for our students. With this partnership, finding a student accommodation or home-stays is easier than ever.

Legal Support


We know migrating to another country for studying is not always an easy process and comes with several challenges. If you ever need legal support or advice related to your Visa process, Documentation or Immigration, you can rely on InstaLaw for expert assistance.

Get Instant Video consultations from experienced lawyers on all your immigration queries. Our students also get 5% off in consulting charges.