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6PM - 6:45PM IST, 26th April 2022.


CU Global

Career focused & affordable Graduate Business Programs from Campbellsville university

These Graduate Business Programs are two-year programs that begin in your home country and end in the U.S. You’ll Spend the first two semesters taking classes via live streaming where courses are delivered directly to your device, then travel to the U.S. to complete your second year on our campus in Louisville, Kentucky.


programs offered

Acquire the in demand skills with our award winning Graduate Programs

What makes CU global different

Save up to ₹10 lakhs in Tuition and Living expenses by taking classes for first two semesters from India.

Current Study Abroad Process With CU Global
IELTS/PTE scores are mandatory before getting University admission
Students will have time until the end of the second 8-week term to fulfill IELTS requirement. This requirement may be waived if the student earns a 3.0 GPA in their first two 8-week terms.
You need to re-locate to U.S. to begin taking classes
You can take classes for first two semesters from India
You should have a valid Visa in order to travel to U.S. and start taking classes. This might become a problem if your Visa is not approved on time.
You can apply for Visa while you take classes from India. Your classes won't be impacted even if there is a delay in Visa approval.
You need to bear both Tuition and Living expenses throughout the course duration
The Tuition cost is just $336/Credit while you're in India. On Average, our students can save up to 15 Lakhs in Tuition and Living expenses since they spend the first two semesters in India
If you're a working professional, you need to leave your current job and travel to U.S. for taking classes
The Hybrid nature of CU Global programs will allow you to study while working full-time job
The admission process can take anywhere between 3 months to 1 year
You can get admission within a week of applying

webinar Agenda

You'll hear from our experts about Campbellsville University, CU Global Admission Requirements and Application Process and Benefits of the program.

Overview of Campbellsville University and Why Choose CU

What is CU Global Initiative and its benefits for International Students

Admission Requirements and Process

Immigration and F1 Visa Process

Event Speakers

You'll hear from our experts about Campbellsville University, CU Global Admission Requirements, Application Process and Benefits of the program.


Dr. Jay Conner

Executive Director, Graduate Business Program


Dr. Chuck Crain

Chair of Graduate Business Program/ Associate Professor

Hurry Up! Limited Seats Only

From flexibility to cost savings in your tuition, CU Global offers several benefits to Indian Students who are dreaming to study in the USA. Attend this free Webinar to know more about this initiative from Campbellsville University.







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